Friday, January 14, 2011

Meet Nicole Rockhill

Nicole Rockhill, local entrepeneur, is known for her amazingly creative and beautiful clothing for children and adults. She sells her unique designs under the  label Nicole Paloma.  Ophelia is thrilled to be selling Nicole's one-of-a-kind tees and cover ups!!  The following is our interview with this lovely local talent...

Nicole in her custom hand-sewn Ophelia Tshirt!

Nicole, we love your work...what motivated you to begin this endeavor?

Well.......... I can't sit still!  No, really I have been amazed with fabric since I was little.My mom says when I was 2, everyday I would try on every piece of clothing I owned! When I was eight I would go up into my closet and cut up my clothes and hand sew them back together in different fashions. After having the girls, Laurel (7) and Laine (4), I realized I had never fallen out of love with fabric. I became quite consumed with it. When Laurel started kindergarten in the fall of 2009 is when I was urged by some good friends to give it a go, so I thought well lets put it out there and see where it will take me.

You have a family history of creativity.... Tell us about it.

I would have to say it came from my mom's side! My great-grandmother and my grandmother were professional seamstresses in Palm Beach, F.L, in the era where seamstresses made the full ensemble, dresses, hats, gloves and purses. I believe this is where I get my love of textile art. My mother is a photographer. Growing up in Long Island, N.Y. mom would frequently take me into the city for museum and gallery hoping.  ( ( ( Hence why I know nothing about football! )

What brought your family to Santa Rosa Beach?
My husband is a Superintendent with B.L. Harbert ( based out of Birmingham) , he was put on a project at Eglin Air Force Base. Having vacationed down here in Santa Rosa Beach, we both jumped at the chance to live here!

When you aren’t working, what do you enjoy doing?

When the weather is suitable I have the girls at the beach, it seems to be the only place I can sit still! Sometimes I even bring my hand-stitching work with me! I guess on my tags is should say made ON the beach! This fall I also started Pure Barre and Yoga. I found I really enjoy doing something purely for myself (what a concept! ) 

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

So why is that such a hard question? I have quite a long list. I guess there is the answer, I wouldn't be so hard on myself.

What do you love most about your career?

It has given me a huge sense of self worth.Very different from anything else. Creating something beautiful comes just a few rungs below giving birth. It has given me back to myself.  After having the girls, and fully embracing being a mommy ( and loving it), I have had a really hard time justifying doing something that is "my own" and " just for me. That's what I love about what I do.

Finally, what is your inspiration for the unique pieces you are doing for Ophelia?  We love them!

With my first meeting with Tori, I was enchanted with the space. I felt very at home there, Ophelia has a beautiful organic, graceful style. So much attention to fine detail. I really enjoy getting to know  Tori's creation of Ophelia. As all pieces that I create for retail are exclusive to that store, I really enjoy " dancing with another person's vision" .

How can people contact you?

website :

email :

phone : 205-283-6997

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