Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Great Escape

Matthew Williamson is known worldwide for his quintessential love of color and printed ornamentation. We are proud to welcome Matthew Williamson's Escape line to Ophelia! Not familiar with Matthew or his brand? Well, let’s fill you in. Matthew Williamson is recognized for his opulent style and originality in the world of fashion. From light dreamy gowns to tailored bias cut dresses, his designs guarantee a genuine confidence boost. The psychedelic patterns and jewel toned razzle-dazzle-esque color palettes are his signature, and they are as gorgeous as ever. He calls his Escape line “a complete capsule wardrobe of luxury pieces for the high summer season.” Need a translation? Think: flowy neon sorbet colored caftans, flirty tie front rompers, and some very sophisticated and playful swimwear and much much more! Matthew continues to revamp the perspective of  the resort lifestyle each season and is continually producing successful and exciting feminine silhouettes that are polished, modern, and breathtakingly beautiful. 

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Heidi! Heidi! Heidi!

If it wasn't for this lovely lady we wouldn't know what to do..or what to wear to the beach! Yes, I'm talking about [the oh so wonderful!] Heidi Klein, of course! We took a peep at her Resort collection while in Miami and were certainly blown away by what we saw. While her swimwear exudes a certain conservative persona, it also has a subtle contemporary flair. We saw everything from lovely scalloped edges to delicate taupe and coral hues. We spotted some of our favorite silhouettes in fun new prints and colors. Her "fold over" bikini bottom is a favorite, no doubt..[it's genius!] Fold it down for a lower style bottom.. or roll it up if you're craving some extra coverage. Her designs incorporate all of your needs and wants- from molded padded tops to full coverage bottoms. Her suits offer plenty of coverage and comfort. ...And if you happen to be one of those lucky ladies that has one of her suits, you know how special they are! She offers support, sophistication, and style to all. 
[Hmmm too bad the suits don't come with that wonderful British accent..] 
We adore Heidi Klein! 

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Meet Genie by Eugenia Kim

                                          (Eugenia Kim and Tori posing for a quick snapshot)

Heads up, everybody there is a new girl line in town! Let us introduce "Genie" Eugenia Kim's new line of head accessories that consists of fashionable hats at a lower price point. What more could you ask for? Fashionable and affordable, we like that combination! Not only are the hats less expensive, but they are ridiculously beautiful. Nothing that should surprise you..her hats are always bound to cause a ruckus, they are simply complement magnets! Her new line, Genie-by Eugenia Kim, offers an array of hat styles, from her signiture fedora's in cute straw woven patterns to the most darling canvas sun hats. On the other hand, her higher end line of hats still hold a special place in our little hearts. Eugenia's Resort Collection was very true to herself as she incorporated crafty trimmed edges to wide brimmed sun hats and added lovely silk sashes alongside hats as an alternative accessory. We were overwhelmed by her impressive collection of sun shielding wonders!

 (Eugenia adjusting Tori's wide brimmed wonder)


Getting up close and Undrest: by the sea

                                           (Take a look at those fringed beauties above)

From ikat prints to leather beaded bikinis, Undrest designer, Maria Paz Navales surely took us South of the Border this time around. We got up close and personal with the genuis behind the label as she showcased her genuinly beautiful Resort collection. Crocheted detail was a constant in her collection as we have seen in the past, but she most definatley broadened her horizons with other Native American-esque influenced creations. Aztec printed bikini's, flirty rompers, leather hand beaded satchels, and other Navaho inspired pieces won over our hearts! On the other hand, she stayed true to her label and introduced her cute ruffle edge trimmed bikini's in new soft sherbert hues of bubblegum pink, kiwi green, and sky blue. Maria is all about having fun with her line and encouraging others to do so as well. Did you know everything is made in-house in Los Angeles? Makes the pieces that much more special, if you ask me! Cheers to a great collection! 

The Inside Scoop on Tori Praver's Resort 2012 Collection

(Tribal printed seperates caught our attention instantly)

Day 1: Miami Swim Week is in full swing. We made sure to give Tori Praver a visit to check out her new Resort Collection. While we weren't surprised to see some of the cutest swimwear in her suite, we did see a couple new color scheme trends that we would like to share with you! It's all about neon, let me tell you! She pulled inspiration from the scenery of the Western deserts and the beautiful landscape and wildlife of Africa. She paired warm olive greens and natural blues with high voltage neons for a pop! While her wonderful smocked detail still shined through, we also noticed some cutesy cutouts in some of her bottoms with knotted details. Her noteworthy floral prints are an Ophelia favorite, and she made sure to turn up the heat with her cohesive new color scheme! Fringe, fringe, fringe. Yes! She now is bringing some fringe to the table. How could we complain? We LOVE it! Oh..and might I add that her coverups are as beautiful and effortless as Tori herself? Soft jersey tank dresses, lengthy maxi dresses, and more.  Her Resort line will be sure to transport you from the beach to another blissful exotic location in a heart beat! High voltage neons, passionate floral prints, and fun sophisticated cutouts GALORE! Check out more photos posted below of their lovely model Sam showing off her immaculately beautiful collection.

    (Fringe, alert!)
       (Lovely knotted details)
                                                    (...shhh that's Tori Praver on the left..)
                                                              (bright nirvana floral prints)
                                                    (TP's newest addition: a beach throw)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Getting beach ready at Grayton!

Looking stunning against Grayton Beach's glorious Western Lake backdrop, our local 30A models showed off this summer's best swimwear!
Both Bikinis by Tori Praver. We couldn't think of a better designer  to put on the Vespa!

These awesome photos were captured through the lens of the talented and award winning- Michael Granberry. (Did we mention that he was named by Walton County Tourist Council last year as 'artist of the year' ??) We couldn't have asked for a more memorable day with Michael in Grayton! You can find these adorable swimsuits at both our locations: Ophelia in Grayton (located in shops of Grayton) and Ophelia in Seacrest (located right next to Rosemary Beach)
 Tie bikini by Heidi Klein; Canvas stripe hat by Eugenia Kim

 Fold over bikini by Heidi Klein; Pareo by OndadeMar

 retro one piece by Hoff

Be sure to check out more of these photos by clicking on this LINK.  And check out more of Michael's photography on his website
Thanks goes to for promoting these pics on their website!


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