Monday, November 8, 2010

Swimsuit Tips for Different Body Types

So ladies, do you think you’re wearing the swimsuit that best flatters your figure?  Hmmmm…Not sure?   Odds are good that your body has evolved since you were 18 years old – yes?   Some of us have added a few kiddos to our mix and now need some extra ‘lift’ here and there.   Others have worked diligently on their body and want to proudly show it off.  Whatever the situation, we can help you find the best fit.   After all, we want you to look HOT!

Have a small chest?
There are several ways to add oomph up top.  Try triangle styles with extra padding and some embellishment such as ruffles.   Busy patterns and horizontal lines will also give the impression of fullness.   And try a strapless bandeau style top.   Not all body shapes can pull these off but when worn correctly, they are muy caliente!
OndadeMar Ruffle Bandeau

Have a large chest that you want to play down or provide good support?
Tops with wider straps will provide needed support vs spaghetti straps or strapless styles.  Underwires will also help lift and support.  V-neck styles will add length and elongate the body taking away emphasis on the chest area.
Lisa Curran Halter

Have a big bottom?
Some of us have pear shaped bodies and need to create a more balanced look.  Try a lower cut top that will move the eye upwards.   A solid colored bottom and patterned top will also accomplish this.  Avoid horizontal lines that add width.   And if you’re overly conscious about your derrière, try a solid swim skirt.

Badgley Mischka swim dress
 Need to play down larger thighs?
Once again, moving the eye to another part of the body is key to camouflaging certain areas.  Try a solid bottom with high-cut legs that elongates the thighs.  Pair them with an interesting patterned or embellished top.  Avoid low-cut legs.
Lisa Curran one-piece
Best slimming secret? 
Ophelia has lots of gorgeous accessories but we all know that the BEST accessory is self-confidence and a huge smile!   So, chicas, embrace your body, love it and flaunt it!  You’ll look and feel 10x hotter!
Marilyn Monroe

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