Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Flowers for Ophelia

Ophelia: Vivian and her mommy's shop

Fall is in the air and my daughter and I decided to give Ophelia some outdoor color. You see, Vivian and I spend a lot of time together in Ophelia and therefore take on many projects. Whether we are arranging clothes and playing "swimsuit shop", coloring pictures to hang behind the counter, dancing to Michael Jackson, selling Lemonade out front, or simply planting some flowers; the two of us always  have a good time. 
As you can tell from Ophelia's logo, I love orange and blue!
Stools that Vivian found and decided to put under flower pots

Holy Hat Tree!! One of Vivian's favorite play toys...
Vivian in her Maaji swimsuit for the 4th of July

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