Monday, June 7, 2010

Melissa Odabash

The 2010 Collection from Melissa Odabash is here, and believe me you're going to love it!! 

What is it about Melissa Odabash swimwear collections? Some say the materials, others feel that the designs stand apart and still others say it's the way the swimsuits make them feel. But there is really only one reason her collections are so well received, Melissa herself. Prior to launching her first collection in 1995, Melissa modeled swimwear for the top Italian and French designers. As a former catwalk and swimwear model, she wore more than her share of over-designed, look at me bikinis. Being very unhappy with a great deal of the swimwear she modeled, she decided to create her own line of swimwear. Her designs are inspired by Italian fashion. Her collections reflect simplicity and high quality fabrics which results in swimwear that provides a timeless elegance. 'Each swimsuit I design is like a work of art', says Melissa. The harmony that exists between the design and the female body needs to be complete in order to project the desired inner confidence and inspire admiration. Instead of under-wire or padding, she uses fine twisted elastic, discreetly sewn into linings. And for these she uses delicate lingerie material instead of the thicker, traditional linings that often prove uncomfortable. Because of her quality, style and fit, her collections have become highly sought after, not only by celebrities around the world, but by women of all shapes and ages.


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  1. Love Love LOVE the 2010 Melissa Odabash Swimwear line! Did you know that the last pic is of the Haiti bikini, which even helped support the earthquake efforts a few months ago!? She's awesome!



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