Thursday, July 21, 2011

Meet Genie by Eugenia Kim

                                          (Eugenia Kim and Tori posing for a quick snapshot)

Heads up, everybody there is a new girl line in town! Let us introduce "Genie" Eugenia Kim's new line of head accessories that consists of fashionable hats at a lower price point. What more could you ask for? Fashionable and affordable, we like that combination! Not only are the hats less expensive, but they are ridiculously beautiful. Nothing that should surprise you..her hats are always bound to cause a ruckus, they are simply complement magnets! Her new line, Genie-by Eugenia Kim, offers an array of hat styles, from her signiture fedora's in cute straw woven patterns to the most darling canvas sun hats. On the other hand, her higher end line of hats still hold a special place in our little hearts. Eugenia's Resort Collection was very true to herself as she incorporated crafty trimmed edges to wide brimmed sun hats and added lovely silk sashes alongside hats as an alternative accessory. We were overwhelmed by her impressive collection of sun shielding wonders!

 (Eugenia adjusting Tori's wide brimmed wonder)


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