Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Flaunt it

Great Article I came across on body confidence, a must read!

Plus size swimwear has now become trendier in the past several years and it is not what you probably think. When you think of plus size swimwear, you probably picture loose fitting or oversized swimsuits that have no style or appeal. Most designers are now taking a stance to create larger sizes that have class and style.

Don't say to yourself, "If I were only 20 pounds thinner, then I'll make my way to beach." Have confidence in your body and know what is flattering for you.

The most creative designer has found a way to compliment each body proportion no matter what the size or swimsuit style. The reason why many large framed women avoid going to the beach is because plus sized swimsuits have had the reputation of being unappealing and without style in the past.

Make sure to choose a swimsuit with the right fit. Bikinis nowadays come in all sizes. Don't try to become thinner with your clothing, but show off and flatter your fabulous assets the right way. When you decide on a style, try on several sizes and designs to see what holds well and what looks good.

Accept your size and don't try to suck everything in or tuck your body parts in with extra support. Doing this will only show your dislike for your body. Love your figure and others will love it and your confidence as well.

After picking the swimwear you love (not too small or not too big), don't hide it in the closet, go to the beach and flaunt it!

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